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Entry #8

I'm an idiot.

2012-03-22 16:38:58 by ImaginaMagica

I want to be a game designer/artist, but I need experience. I've always known I need experience, but it has only just occurred to me now (er.. last night, technically) that I could gain that here. It took me two full years of idling about on this site to realize that.

Collab forums, you just earned yourself a new stalker.


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2012-03-22 21:00:54

Thats the spirit!
While I personally don't know much about coding or art, it's just a matter of finding your talent and sticking with it.

ImaginaMagica responds:

Yeah... Also, I'm really sorry I have to bail out on my audition... I don't think that I'll have enough time for it with everything that's going on. I'm applying to DigiPen, you see. :/