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I'm an idiot.

2012-03-22 16:38:58 by ImaginaMagica

I want to be a game designer/artist, but I need experience. I've always known I need experience, but it has only just occurred to me now (er.. last night, technically) that I could gain that here. It took me two full years of idling about on this site to realize that.

Collab forums, you just earned yourself a new stalker.


2012-01-11 19:46:16 by ImaginaMagica

Got myself an original icon finally.

I've finally had my voice acting debut!!!

It was for something I auditioned for.. like, last year, but all the same! YAY!!! I now have a Voice acting credit to my name!


2010-06-02 20:04:29 by ImaginaMagica

Imah gonna be another year older on June 8th!
Unfortunately, I won't actually be in town (or anywhere near electronics) on that day, so if I don't respond right away don't take it personally :P

Cast is all set.

2010-04-06 02:13:00 by ImaginaMagica

Just having some other issues while I get all the lines back in....
(I might need a new animator D: )

Ok, so I know technically it isn't spring yet, but it's been sunny

In the area of mindless limb loss, I've been getting more and more auditions for the charachters, I still only have one candidate for jill, though, which is surprising because before I got tons of auditions for her but none for the male roles.
The deadlines for each set of roles (m and f) have been set, just as an F.Y.I, they are posted on my site.
here, under the post labeled "DEADLINES DEADLINES DEADLINES" unless that isn't obvious enough.

Oh, and also,
I may not have flash, but I downloaded the pencil animation program which is very much like it, basic frame by frame crap, but in the future, now, I may be able to post some submissions of my own devisings. ^ ^

is on my site HERE

It's right on the freaking first page.

Uh, well, since I'm really only on here to get voice acting jobs, I thought I might post up my acting abilities.....which unfortunately, are very few :(

I am 15, but I sound very immature for my age, meaning that I sound like a 12 year old and if i try I can sound younger. I can also sound slightly older, too... but it would have to be a very monotone role ><

Last night I was in a hyper mood and discovered that I could do this really... annoying-anime-animal-sidekick-type-vo ice... that's really how I can describe it.

I can also do this very scary-type voice that sounds like an eternal growl.

Probably more voices listed here when I figure them out.